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06/12/2011 @ 6:03pm

Your smile, the love in those eyes
.the kindnesses, caring, love in your voice.
Tell me what your secret is.
How was your childhood. Was your heart beating?

My childhood, memories are gone. Not that I forget, but the lord was there.
He saved my soul.
Long days endless nights. Not a care in the world no devil insight
Laughter, love, joy, peace
Time is ticking your heart still beats.

Family, friends, trust within self .a blue soul. When love was felt.

15 my innocence was gone shorter days, even shorter nights. How could it be
wrong .yet it felt so right.
No cherry to pop, no blood on the sheets, now ask me what happen to me.
My friend, tell me what is your secret.
Time is ticking, your heart still beating.

Love lost, no memories found.
Eyes red, head low to the ground.
Yet you keep a smile upon your face, putting people burdens on top of your,
On the outside looking in, you would think she has not a care in the world.
Why ! Because he always have been there. Your hearts still yours.
Selfless, yet selfish. Loving, yet hating.
Pain, a lot taken. Misery, yet faking.
A red soul mind racing.

My friend tell me what is your secret, I just want to no.
How do you no watts right! When bought up in a world so wrong. How do you
love? Without self love. How do you trust, if you donít trust yourself? How
can you be honest with someone, if youíre not honest with yourself?

At 16 I fell in love with a man, He told me he would be there to the end.
Laughing to myself, the end was not very far away.
When he left, he left me with more than nothing. An std now isnít that
something. good thing it was curable. the day I went in to get a check up
and found out, all I could think was, how can a man that say hey love you
more than life it self . jeopardize you life and himself. (Smh)
All I could do is thank the lord it wasnít nothing I couldnít get rid of.
Still to this day I will never forget, all I wanted was an apology right out
of his mouth. Now what would he have said!

Again my friend tell me what is you secret. Learning to play with the cards
thatís been dealt, with a big smile on your face. No spades, no help.
Surrounded by family and friend still no one to call on for advice or
opinion. All alone in this cold cold world, still you managed to get by
without a blink of an instance . Four years later, your soul was lifted.

A lot of time spent searching for something, which turned out to be nothing.
All the days your body yearned to be touched with love faithfulness, and
trust. deep inside you new it was lust.

My friend tell me what is you secret, time still ticking, heart still
beaten. Still searching for love, because thatís all you ever wanted.
Through all the pain, abuse. Tears. U still cope, I say a strong soul with a
lot of hopeÖ

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