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Analyzing Why I Stare at the Ground
06/26/2011 @ 4:14pm

Sometimes I can walk down the sidewalk
And smile at everyone I see,
Regardless of age, gender, or race.
In those moments I realize,
That most I pass aren't really thinking
Twice about me.
All the insecurities I feel,
That cause me to stare at the ground
And avoid every eye,
Are irrational fears I bring upon myself,
When I am feeling my lowest,
When I feel like I am no one,
And ironically it's when I'm the most selfish.
I tell myself people I pass are laughing,
At my clothes,
At my weight,
At my face,
But what makes me so special,
That I would stand out enough,
For anyone to put much thought into my being?
Everyone is the same.
I am but a face in the crowd,
And although I know I am so much more,
And unique as an individual,
Compared to the vast amount of humans that exist,
I am happier,
I smile more,
I love more,
I make connections I might have missed,
When I remember I am one of many.
If I spend less time worrying about what you think of me,
And more time exuding a positive outlook,
I can always walk with my head towards the sky,
And maybe that smile I give you,
Could lead you to notice my unique soul,
If only with a glance.

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