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EZ Prayer
08/08/2011 @ 8:01pm

Lord as I pray I ask you to forgive me for my sins.
And find it I your heart to continue to forgive me because I will sin
And I also ask that you forgive my friends and their friends.
We are not perfect but we will never break, but during hard times we fold
and bend.
So forgive as my palms touch as if theyíre holding hands.
See lord I am young and thereís only so much pressure I can stand.
I try to live like you but I continue to live like man.
Thereís devilish ways in my actions but I swear I got a plan.
A new sun as rising and dawned upon us is the time of change.
And its only you lord I talk to through this rain.
And I apologize every time my stories the same.
There are no crosses on my chain, my body nearly plain.
Iíll still kill for a grain; Iím still looking for a gain.
Lord I know Iím to blame for being on track wit this train.
But my demons have been slain Iíve broken free from the devils chains.
And to you lord I came, Iím not trying to be a strain.
But I want to be all you put me here to live for.
Iím giving my all but if it takes for you Iíll give more.
I want to follow your method, use your word as my weapon.
In your footsteps Iím stepping you first and me second.
Take me through lifeís lessons, And Iíll give you praise for every
There will be no guessing, in understanding your message.
Lord I know that I can and wit that said I now stand.
In your footsteps in the sand as I pray Amen!
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