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Stuck In 2nd
11/01/2011 @ 6:30pm

I'm stuck in second place
Something I vowed to never do
I've never lost at anything
Yet I play a loser for you
Because I've convinced myself
That second best is not so bad
It's your number one who is the loser
For wanting what I had
This arrangement, I thought was perfect
All the love without the commitment
But love is nothing without time
And to number one, your time was given
When our relationship ended
"Our" future plans went of track
I guess playing number two
Was my way of getting it back
Those kisses that belonged to me
Tasted better because I stole them
Why should I care about your new boyfriend
When I don't even know him
However, I know myself
And I know that it's not right
No more second place for me
I'm first to leave this lie
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