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We're f**king through!
01/14/2012 @ 8:57am

Here's a little poem
that I wrote especially for you
it comes from my heart and I mean it too.
I put my heart out on a shelf
while you steadily fucked someone else.
Fucking pissed? Oh yeah you bet!
You ain't seen nothing fucking yet!
I fucking no longer want to fuck you
and it's not because you couldn't be true.
It's because you fucking lied to my face,
to admit I once loved you is now a disgrace.
Fuck you and the bitches that you lay,
because you won't fuck me this is not ok.
Fuck you for fucking my friend
your fucked up karma will fuck you in the end.
She will be the worst of all your fucks-
you fell in love and all she wants are your bucks.
How dare you fuck with my broken heart!
Look in the mirror you're an old fart.
You're fucking 3 of us - hey this is my house!
You're breaking my heart like a blood sucking louse.
You are so stupid you think with your weenie.
I'm fucking stupid to think you thought more of me.
What you are going to see now is me not fucking you-
get along little horn doggy your words are poo poo.
Remember the quote a man is as good as his word?
Your breath smells like shit isn't this fucking absurd?!
You're so fucking old you have to take pills to get hard-
if Viagra didn't exist sex you'd discard.
I lied and told you were the best I ever had-
all men have been better than you - my bad.
I hope I hurt your heart like you hurt mine
but feelings in you are fucking hard to find.
It's time for me to go out and find someone new,
it's time for this to be over - we're fucking through!
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