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Let Me In
03/21/2012 @ 12:42am

Let me into your heart
Let me in
And if we fall apart
Just know you will always be the one true other half to my soul
Started out as friends
Sooner or later more than that started to grow
You were the only one to cheer me up whenever I was feeling low
You and I
Hands entwined
Praying that you would never let me go
So Let me back in
We can start all over again
Get back to the place we used to be
And everything we lost
But now you say there's someone else
I can tell she means something to you
You look at her the way you used to look at me
Something is growing between you two
Something much more than just love
A baby, a miracle, the reason I know you will never be mine again
So one day I hope to love again the way it used to be with us
I haven't gave up hope
I haven't lost all trust
So our love didn't get the fairytale ending like I planned
But this is real life
And I should know not to live my life in make believe
So yes tears still fall for you
And for everything we could be
But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
And I'm just happy being me

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