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Fake Smiles..
06/17/2012 @ 12:21am

you looked at me thinking i was happy but behind this fake smile there are
tears pouring down my face, bruises on my heart, for i try to love too soon
never let it heal, you thought you knew how i felt but tonight was the night
were i died a bit inside when you ain't near, didn't even know, didn't even
care, outta mind outta site, didn't give it a thought, what i was up too,
what i was doing, if i was still alive,you never understood my life, left me
alone with the blade in my hand never cared, never tried, now you wonder why
i died,you cry when am gone,you miss me when i ain't here,you show your love
to me with flowers n tears but you hurt me when i was alive, where were
these feelings when we was alone at night,only if you really cared youd see
that am hurting inside,i try to cry but am dead inside got no tears like a
desert am dried up am a vessel without a soul,look into my eyes you can feel
my pain its too much, too much to bare,too much for me,fucking hurts like a
knife through the heart, am scared what ill do to my self to my arms to my
skin i just wanna die please help me cause am gonna cry, let my tears be the
life to the ground to the plants let them come to life for am dying
inside,close my eyes never to wake, wanna live my life in a dream,bury me 6
feet under for am already dead inside like a zombie i walk this earth
without a purpose..
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