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Have Fun
09/19/2012 @ 10:09pm

You say you want to be happy,
I offered you true happiness.

You tell people true love is all you want to see,
All of my loving and affection wasnít enough I guess.

You chose chumps over me,
Then complain when they donít measure up.

Iím sorry,
Am I supposed to care buttercup?

If you donít love me,
Then why am I still here?

Am I naive?
Yes, yes I am dear.

Am I gullible,
And so stupid to believe you?

Yeah, love notes I used to scribble,
All were intended for nobody but you.

So yes,
I was that stupid.

Howíd you guess?
Howíd you know?

Now Iím happier than ever,
And youíre still stuck with him.

Hope your decision was clever,
Hope you can learn to swim.

Donít drown in your own cesspool darling,
After all, you are the one who created your hell.

Donít you know its so unbecoming to be snarling!
You arenít holding your composure very well.

Oh well, you told me not to bother,
So I no longer will care.

Time for you to find another,
Although good luck, I hear my kind is rather rare.
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