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My Life
09/19/2012 @ 10:12pm

I stumbled and fell,
Empty Jack bottles lay everywhere,
I figured I would just lay there a spell,
Now the cockroaches are climbing through my hair.

They love me,
They love this mess I call my life,
They choose not to see,
All of my suffering, bitter strife.

My only friends are now these bugs,
Climbing and crawling all over my body,
Most would think I must be on drugs,
But unfortunately there is none that I even see.

What I would do for some sort of excuse,
As to why I am this way,
But instead I grab another bottle of booze,
And try and keep my boss's phone calls at bay.

My boss and the cockroaches,
They have so much in common,
And as the darkness approaches,
There is a pain in my abdomen.

I fall once again,
Too much whiskey has taken its toll,
My fall was only broken by my chin,
The blood off my chin it does roll.

My eyes no longer see clearly,
My priorities have all changed,
I no longer hold those I used to love dearly,
God, my life needs to be rearranged.

I get up off the ground,
Got one hour to clean up and make it to work,
A gallon of Listerine I just downed,
And I give my shirt a quick jerk.

Go in all nice and clean,
Rubbing elbows with clients,
Taking hits for the team,
Being civilized with all those gents.

This fake smile nobody can pierce,
Nobody can tell what’s pouring over my soul,
This bitter hatred so fierce,
That's it, now I'm on a roll.

Evening comes once again,
I slide the key in and turn the knob,
There's the cockroaches, all wearing a grin,
I wish this cycle I could stop.

This is my life,
Just like a clock,
As dull as the back side of a knife,
Every hour of ever day, non-stop.
Copyright © sfa19guy512936, All Rights Reserved

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