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10/01/2012 @ 7:46pm

I wanted to dance tonight,
But I couldn't be near you,
Nothing felt right,
Why am I still so blue?

It's been so long,
Time has flown by,
Girls have come in,
And I've left girls dry.

Still you're the only one,
Who has made me cry myself to sleep,
Who has forced me to come undone,
Who has hurt me so deep.

Yet your still the only one I want,
The one to lay next to me every night,
Those memories oh how they haunt,
And now my future doesn't look so bright.

All I want is a dance,
But there are no substitutes here,
Nothing that puts me in a trance,
Nothing that would make me shed a tear.

I am collecting my memories,
I am fading to black,
Down on my knees,
Flat on my back.

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