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Lost inside the Spiral, Swirling mist around The path that calls to Be followed. Falsely spoken to, ...
Time PoemsPosted: 06/13/2007 @ 2:41pm
Seven Eyes
The eternal seven eyes, the tree of life of man. Lamb severed from heaven, dying on the plate of hate...
Other PoemsPosted: 07/21/2006 @ 1:53pm
Raped, Yet No One Cares
The night it happened, I donít know what to say, was a surprise to me. Itís one thing during the day- li...
Sex PoemsPosted: 07/15/2005 @ 9:12am
Star Thief
How weird this day has been, begun like a spell. How I walk past the trees that shed a tear, run a tad...
Love PoemsPosted: 07/12/2005 @ 3:33am
Desires Burnt Nightly
Dusk ritual of this eminent youth: Burn a candlestick and pray to his muse. Nightly invocation of this f...
Other PoemsPosted: 06/25/2005 @ 1:22pm
The rape and perverse natural light Scoffed a litter intrusion at night, Leaving little clot in minds T...
Other PoemsPosted: 06/24/2005 @ 12:45pm
A Fornight Assumed For Slumber
Illusions of my dreams shrouded in sackcloth-- Lost to the famine of the land in the mirror-- Drought sp...
Dreams PoemsPosted: 06/23/2005 @ 12:24pm
Secular Temple
Angels thrown in throne, beseech in throes of mortal death. Celestial bound by cosmos fire-well and sharp...
Other PoemsPosted: 06/22/2005 @ 6:07pm
Landed on Soft Cellar Drapes
With a heavy thud, sound gives way to my position. Forever falling it seemed, my body is ripped and tatte...
Dreams PoemsPosted: 11/14/2004 @ 2:42pm
Lady at the Castle's Keep
Snow drifting, falling deep Within these hallowed halls, Where sin has been buried, Where sleep'...
Fractured Love PoemsPosted: 11/10/2004 @ 6:08pm
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