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The Price We Must Pay
My fist are clenching tighter You don't losen your grip My air way has a blockage With your hands aroun...
Fractured Love PoemsPosted: 05/17/2007 @ 5:14pm
It's the way I feel in your arms at night. The way you make everything seem all right. It's the way our ...
Love PoemsPosted: 05/17/2007 @ 5:13pm
Roses Are Dead
Forever isn't real All good things must come to an end Love isn't true It's the blinding of the mind ...
Death PoemsPosted: 05/15/2007 @ 4:33pm
I've Never Understood
Haunting dreams Silent screams So this is how it's going to be But now the story turns and twist It's ...
Death PoemsPosted: 05/12/2007 @ 3:52pm
Won't Ever Be Over You
I can't escape From the things I did I can't forget All the things I said The memory will always rem...
Fractured Love PoemsPosted: 03/14/2007 @ 5:12pm
A few sips And I'm already a ditz Drinking my life away These are the days... Ones a rush Two makes...
Depression PoemsPosted: 03/04/2007 @ 10:40pm
Tears stream Horrid screams I can feel you breathe Your hearts broken Your lost and forgotten Blood d...
Death PoemsPosted: 09/19/2006 @ 5:12pm
I Hate You
I hate you more with each gasping breath I hate you more than words could possibly express I hate you mo...
Anger PoemsPosted: 09/15/2006 @ 5:49pm
Back in the past....
You told me friends forever, Well, that didn't last, You've drifted away, Now you're par...
Friendship PoemsPosted: 09/03/2006 @ 8:15am
Feelings, Mealings, I need to die.
Every second of every minute Every minute of every hour Every hour of everyday Every time I think Ev...
Depression PoemsPosted: 09/03/2006 @ 8:02am
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