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Praise the Goddess
06/30/2009 @ 2:35am

Praise The Goddess

Eyes flash,
Breath gasps,
The body writhes.
Newly shorn hair slithers and slides
Falling to the ground.

Arise my warrior,
Have you slept well?
It has been far to long
That you have been made to be gone.
Your return is refreshing.

Strength floods limbs
Thought lost for years.
Keenness fogs the mind
Vanishing all foolish urges to be kind.
It is time.

The b***h is back.
The witch lives.
The priestess grieves.
The warrior sorceress breathes,
Things are different but finally the same.

Your warrior has arisen
Never again to imprison
That which you have given.

Power, strength,
Speed, willpower,
Spirit, wisdom.
Weakness will be overcome.
Praise the Goddess.
I. Am. Back.

A/N I use an ABCCD rhyme pattern here for those not familiar with it. There
is an accidental ABCCC rhyme pattern in the fifth stanza that is
unintentional, but look at it the same as Shakespeare occasionally throwing
off his Iambic Pentameter to keep the rhythm from becoming repetitive, as I
left it for that reason.
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