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It's like torture And I'm the masochist, Coming back for more- Addicted. You leave me sore. It is t...
Fractured Love PoemsPosted: 12/27/2009 @ 4:47am
A Memory of Danger
It is something in the greenness of nature, In the wilds of our minds, A feeling, a memory, of danger, ...
Love PoemsPosted: 09/23/2009 @ 3:38pm
And I, I would be the weeping fiend. And aye, My words a sword to be Shall cut Most unwillingly Thin...
Fractured Love PoemsPosted: 09/10/2009 @ 3:04pm
Praise the Goddess
Praise The Goddess Eyes flash, Breath gasps, The body writhes. Newly shorn hair slithers and slides ...
Religion PoemsPosted: 06/30/2009 @ 2:35am
Find Your Own Way
A fire burns at the heart of the storm, It burns from the blackness Born of betrayal. The silence sha...
Life PoemsPosted: 03/11/2006 @ 11:12am
I Can Be Truer
I'm wondering what happened To us, my friend. You said that we had something That could not end. I rea...
Friendship PoemsPosted: 05/22/2005 @ 5:14pm
Not Human
You try to read me, But you can't. You think you can, But you really can't. You say you re...
Contemplations PoemsPosted: 05/19/2005 @ 11:46am
A Made Creature
Skulls of the dead, Piled helter-skelter, Staring with blank eye-sockets, Seeming to penetrate my soul....
Depression PoemsPosted: 04/29/2005 @ 12:47am
In The Rain
Ill whistle while I work awhile, And listen to your tune. A story of agony Set beneath the waning moon....
Friendship PoemsPosted: 03/30/2005 @ 12:35am
All You Mean
Your love is like a river, So peaceful and sweet. Your soul is like a secret, Revealed to me. When you...
Love PoemsPosted: 02/23/2005 @ 6:14pm
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