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Dream Weaver
09/01/2009 @ 8:36pm

Desired spells and virtuous humans
Crowding wonders and orgasmic lovers
this weaver,
my weaver,
render this splendor,
vendor my pleasure,
to my sleeping eyes,
keep me guessing,
till I wake up
with amazement in my eyes.

Have I, once I fall asleep, not count on you?
You are the only one I fall in love with
That, and these dreams,
I can barely dream without you

Relentless sensations thrust my inner-graced mind
of light, and wishful happenings
You creep onto me
And bless me with out spitefulness

You make me believe that the world is just a big dream
That this world exists with ever spark and insurmountable scream
That every thing I hear and grace
Everything I resound and embrace
All of these living things I call my space
Are undyingly true
I care to much to wake up from you

You are my weaver forever
That I will never destroy
I will always break with you
My endurable decoy

Your insatiable appetite to make me perceive
as a consequence, feeds me more
Your encompassing brain wash
whom swallows me whole

These rapid and strung out dreams
That are so sweet and tat,
And of which are so creatively strapped

Have embraced my ever wretched heart
to step over the ones that hurt and destroy me
That tried to step all over me
And in these dreams that
I step all over

With my long legs and huge feet
And my weird strung out hands
With these gushing bright blue eyes
And fragile sprung out cries
That crush these
Squeamish little twerps
And stagnantly delightful germs

The things I do to these hateful people that
You create for me
I Just crush them
And ruthlessly break freeÖ

At all, I never ever want to wake up
I always want to be falling up
Please never stop weaving for me
Iím blessed, that you let me be

For all of mankind
I could not entrust
But for you
You have my heart.

Goodnight my dream weaver.

Copyright © leodalion, All Rights Reserved

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