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Soaring at this persistence Vouching for my allegiance Driven by passion And breaking towards freed...
Fractured Love PoemsPosted: 09/01/2009 @ 8:37pm
Dream Weaver
Desired spells and virtuous humans Crowding wonders and orgasmic lovers this weaver, my weaver, rende...
Dreams PoemsPosted: 09/01/2009 @ 8:36pm
Following past my imprinted path These fabricated summerís past, with less favorite this springís blast,...
Contemplations PoemsPosted: 07/05/2009 @ 11:12pm
Superman (part III)
Moving throughout these squiggly lines... For yetÖ Not even my fate has figured out how to intermingle...
Contemplations PoemsPosted: 05/14/2009 @ 4:44pm
Please Excuse Me
Please excuse me I think Iím lostÖ can you help me? I have grazed the many mysteries of my time And r...
Contemplations PoemsPosted: 02/01/2009 @ 2:54pm
Sick like cancer And occupied with memories Provided that Iím moving forward I feel like Iím not even ...
Love PoemsPosted: 09/09/2007 @ 3:43pm
Nothing Good to Say
I have not been able to write Since, I donít know what happened to me. Itís like, no words; anymore,...
Other PoemsPosted: 08/21/2007 @ 12:20am
I'm Still Here
A room full of nothing And a shutter of the door She comes in with a broom And starts sweeping me a...
Love PoemsPosted: 05/17/2007 @ 5:39pm
superman vs God...And Her
This feeling that I endure I feel like it loves me so much more Inside the mind of my beloved beau...
Love PoemsPosted: 05/17/2007 @ 7:28am
These skies have no limits These skies are mine They are mine forever For I am the only one that can d...
Other PoemsPosted: 05/09/2007 @ 12:21pm
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