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The Inside of Me
12/12/2010 @ 1:20pm

Everything goes in, but yet, nothing comes out…
The tribulation arises, my psyche, it begins to shout…

Really, what the hell is going on inside me?
Why is it my heart neglected and battered---constantly…

Does love not know me? Does she know I’m here?
Damn this 20/20 vision cuz ain’t shit showing up clear…

Love can’t see me, transparency---I don’t even exist…
See, I’m something like a ghost vanishing within murky mist…

My lungs, two massive chunks of ice, I‘m surrounded by an arctic---my soul
My mind stop caring, my heart stopped beating, and now---now, my mind is

Who is the person I call myself? I guess I’m just a stranger to hope…
Yep, I am left with nothing, I’m stranded---nowhere to go…

Thoughts & emotions fighting, their fists are rising…
In my head bullets pop off leaving fragments of perception flying…

God where are you? Do you here what I ask?
Is there love in your heart to give me one more chance?

Please just stop the hurt, stop the crime
Stop the Devil's war from winning inside---of me…
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