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The Inside of Me
Everything goes in, but yet, nothing comes out… The tribulation arises, my psyche, it begins to shout… ...
Depression PoemsPosted: 12/12/2010 @ 1:20pm
A Poem Of Love [I Think I Love You]
‘”Baby, come here…sit down. I, I wanna tell you a few things on my mind. I want you to understand where ...
Love PoemsPosted: 12/12/2010 @ 1:20pm
I long to kiss you, but I want it too much… I yearn to hold you, but yet your touch, toxic… I desire to ...
Love PoemsPosted: 12/12/2010 @ 1:18pm
Jokes On You
Baby, ugh---I know I left you, but…but why did you let me go? I, I, I, know its all my fault, but I just ...
Fractured Love PoemsPosted: 12/12/2010 @ 1:17pm
Justin Terel: My Struggle [I Will Survive]
Enough is enough! See---see you don’t speak for me! I speak for me, for I am a man---a man with dignity…...
Anger PoemsPosted: 12/12/2010 @ 1:17pm
We'll Never Be Together
I want to win the love, you once gave me so freely… I know we're so different---I mean we don't fit ideal...
Love PoemsPosted: 12/12/2010 @ 1:17pm
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