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Heroin Advice
09/16/2010 @ 6:53am

When the blood starts filling the needle
Thatís by far my most favorite part
Because I know in seconds I will feel the rush
And my beloved high is about to start

The relaxation is nothing but unexplainable
Every part of your body tingles in delight
I wish I could keep that feel forever
The feeling of when me and heroin unite

I canít explain it too well if youíve never felt it
Even the best orgasm canít compare at all
It gives you the painlessness of heaven
But the higher you go up, the harder you fall

Although the feeling is so blissful when youíre high
Heroin will turn you into a monster when in need of more
You rob, and steal, and do things youíve never done before
Cause now the only thing that matters is trying to score

Those few hours of happiness can cause years of hell
If you havenít done it, I strongly recommend you donít
Cause it will destroy your body, mind, soul and life
Cause as hard as you try to keep it together, you wonít
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