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Fuck the world if the canít accept me Iím everything I was meant to be Brain messed up in my deranged no...
Life PoemsPosted: 09/18/2010 @ 1:25pm
A World Above
Poke, prod, register Blood dancing to a melody Gasp, moan, fall Collapsing felicity Pull, push, rele...
Death PoemsPosted: 09/18/2010 @ 1:23pm
Heroin Advice
When the blood starts filling the needle Thatís by far my most favorite part Because I know in seconds I...
Contemplations PoemsPosted: 09/16/2010 @ 6:53am
Heroin Diaries
Like French kissing God Thatís what some people say More like dancing with the devil But oh how I love ...
Depression PoemsPosted: 09/15/2010 @ 6:49pm
Devastating Loss
My hearts so dejected I feel so rejected I look in the mirror And see pain reflected You got my hear...
Love PoemsPosted: 09/15/2010 @ 6:47pm
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