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09/18/2010 @ 1:25pm

Fuck the world if the canít accept me
Iím everything I was meant to be
Brain messed up in my deranged normalcy
Fucked up and complicated in my simplicity

Choke me out and slit my wrist ragged
To bleed and drain my toxic air & insanity
This daunting task stands tall, itís all I can see
Commanding and demanding way too much of me

The entire world is absurd, not me
Am I the only one not content in this rat race?
I need to find some meaning in this life
Thatís all I can think about as I pace

Walking in circles, make-up a mess
Need some kind of outlet for this stress
Wearing the path on the ground Iím walking
Worn, while Iím pacing this ground in distress

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