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An Old Picture
04/25/2012 @ 2:09am

I watched as my aunt walked down the aisle with her father
Hand in hand, they walked past the guests and our family.
At the end, I watched as the newlyweds posed to take a picture,
Smiling and knowing that they are about to make new memories.
With a glance from her dad, she walked out with her husband ending the day,
Creating a perfect scene that no girl could forget.

Then came the reception who could forget?
My aunt happily danced with her husband and father,
Joined by everyone as they partied for most of the day.
Laughter and cheers all coming from my family;
Talks of the future and sharing of memories,
All caught by the photographer taking picture after picture.

I watched them, as I tightly held in my hand an old picture,
A picture of you that I never want to lose nor forget.
How I wished you were there with me, sharing those memories.
I silently cried as my aunt got up to slow dance with her father.
It hurt me greatly that you were not a part of my family
Because I needed you. I needed my father that day.

I'm sure you don't know that I think about you every single day.
You don't know that I always carry around that same old picture.
Every night I pray that I can just have a complete family.
Every night that I pray to God, I never forget
To always mention you; to pray for the safety of my father.
I pray that you'd come into my life so we can have our own memories.

That's all I have ever wanted; I wanted to have happy memories
Because I miss you more and more each day.
Although I have never met you, I know I need my father.
I can't keep wondering and yearning over an old picture.
Maybe you don't care, and I'm just a thing from the past to forget,
But I'm longing to know you, longing for a complete family.

I dread the day when it's my turn to walk past my family,
Walking towards my future husband to start our own memories.
It's supposed to be perfect, something I won't forget,
But who will walk me down the aisle on my wedding day?
Who will be by my side to take a family picture?
Who will dance the father-daughter dance with me when I have no father?

I should never be able to forget such a time with my family,
A grand and special day to be filled with wonderful memories.
The only thing missing is a father, but you will always be just an old
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