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An Old Picture
I watched as my aunt walked down the aisle with her father Hand in hand, they walked past the guests and...
Other PoemsPosted: 04/25/2012 @ 2:09am
My One Life, One Love
You will never know just how much you mean to me But I got the rest of my life to help you see With on...
Love PoemsPosted: 07/10/2007 @ 8:26pm
The Truth
I would like to say I hate him that I never want to see his face again I would like to say I regret my t...
Fractured Love PoemsPosted: 05/15/2007 @ 9:09pm
Sudden Loss
You were too young I didn't think it was your time But I finally accepted the truth Because I know we'l...
Death PoemsPosted: 08/07/2006 @ 9:05pm
Never have I thought I'd be this happy Never have I thought someone would see the real me With a past fu...
Love PoemsPosted: 07/27/2006 @ 6:55pm
Blinded By You
I didn't think I was blinded You had me believing everything you said In a blink of an eye, that happin...
Fractured Love PoemsPosted: 12/11/2005 @ 1:15am
I'm only brokenhearted No big deal Don't you worry In time I'll heal It really doesn't matter You ...
Fractured Love PoemsPosted: 12/10/2005 @ 9:40pm
Don't Make Me Think I'm Falling In Love
What are we? Together or not? Please let me know Let your feelings show or let me go Because when we�...
Love PoemsPosted: 09/22/2005 @ 7:08pm
More Than Friends
I don't know exactly what we are We've been friends, but I feel something more It feels so ove...
Love PoemsPosted: 06/16/2005 @ 1:49am
Head Over Heels
The night started out with one glimpse That quickly took my breath away It ended with one smile That m...
Love PoemsPosted: 06/15/2005 @ 11:18pm
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