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This is the last chance I'll get To tell you how I feel Oh how I wish that it was real Stars burn bri...
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Have you any couth? Any brains? Any sense at all? Observe how the halo above you is ruptured and an...
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Tomorrow the sun will rise again and inevitably fall down too but I will lay myself down many times bef...
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In between my memories There is a little bird A bird who speaks his very name In between our little gam...
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i can live with out you; its going to be hard. i can love someone else after a while a little slower ...
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She lives her life in a world on her own. And sheís never coming back to reality. This place in her head...
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It's like torture And I'm the masochist, Coming back for more- Addicted. You leave me sore. It is t...
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Quite eerie is the sky When peered at through weary eyes That see a life not meant for minds That wish ...
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All my life Iíve been here, all these hours Iíve been trying to find With all this distance it must be co...
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stay on my side rather than read between the lines of what she says in desperation. you keep holding on...
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