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Infinite Memories
I walked beyond the shadows cast; The pier was wet with snow, Whose whiteness hid the irony Of those bu...
Life PoemsPosted: 08/24/2009 @ 4:29am
Used Car Salesman
A king here, sat of tassels gold, Regressed by scenery. The city paved by maids and slaves Rewards adul...
Religion PoemsPosted: 12/14/2007 @ 5:21am
My Legacy, Oh King.
In rhythm sworn, he bows his beak, And honor he shall know. For swords, like men, will taste of blood I...
War PoemsPosted: 12/06/2007 @ 9:30pm
Adagio for Strings
Boldly starts the phantoms harp; Unlyrically imposed. Beside the chords of ancient lore, From rhetoric ...
Fractured Love PoemsPosted: 12/06/2007 @ 9:25pm
Placebo of Hope
He stands like the king, On a veteran chess board. Waiting... Watching... And often ignored. Helples...
Life PoemsPosted: 04/02/2007 @ 6:23pm
Dirty Laundry
He wears her Like dirty laundry; Todays spontaneous surprise. Unfolded From it's previous Immaculat...
Fractured Love PoemsPosted: 03/14/2007 @ 6:06pm
Systematic Entomology
Fireflies in fevered stance, Staring down serenity. The eve of night like scorching sun Turns sadness i...
Death PoemsPosted: 03/04/2007 @ 3:06pm
The Gallery
Distraught and tainted, silver stained. Gradient that trickles in. Foil wrapped and feathers stacked At...
Life PoemsPosted: 01/02/2007 @ 6:34pm
I break in segments; Flat like ice. The marrow in my bones Contorts. I'm huddled in this corner, Allo...
Life PoemsPosted: 07/12/2006 @ 10:40pm
Realism Holds the Vice
Imbued. A fervor of the mind. An archer to the tainted. An arrowhead of silt. The children wane. Th...
Life PoemsPosted: 07/02/2006 @ 10:07am
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