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Auditory Hallucinations
So bored and alone, Lost in thought at home. Thinking about how much I changed this year, My own mind n...
Introspection PoemsPosted: 12/27/2011 @ 2:49am
We Are Trees
The howling fall wind brings new sin, Death casts it shadow as winter soon begins. We are trees and as w...
Introspection PoemsPosted: 09/23/2009 @ 9:34am
Itís hard to use your conscience, When your heart and head are in constant conflict. Peace between the t...
Friendship PoemsPosted: 09/26/2007 @ 9:37am
Some Of Us Have Angels
Some of us have angels, Some of us donít. Donít ask me to quit, Because I wonít. Everybody has his o...
Life PoemsPosted: 06/30/2007 @ 1:20pm
Come Soon
Life is Hell so we pray, We carry our crosses and try to survive someway. I try to live the good life, ...
Religion PoemsPosted: 05/16/2007 @ 6:26pm
I question whether Iím a coward. Can I really say goodbye when it reaches that last hour? Will I stand s...
Contemplations PoemsPosted: 05/15/2007 @ 5:07pm
I havent really seen myself for sometime, Maybe I was lost somewhere down the line, I have so many quest...
Depression PoemsPosted: 05/09/2007 @ 12:21pm
Prisoner Of Time
Dear Lord, please don't mind if I trouble you, Sometimes in life I feel like a POW. My mind is ill,...
Other PoemsPosted: 07/15/2006 @ 1:25am
Heaven And Hell
If I die tonight before I wake, I wonder what journey I would take? So many complicated questions to...
Religion PoemsPosted: 06/01/2006 @ 4:58pm
Final Farewell
I reminisce on my past tears, Laugh at the fears that I carried for four years. As the end of my stay he...
Friendship PoemsPosted: 11/24/2005 @ 2:58pm
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