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what to do...
Each night before I lay down, I wish the Good Lord to take me away, I feel like I am about to drown, So...
Death PoemsPosted: 05/01/2005 @ 9:38pm
Man I hate my life...
Have you ever talked to someone on the internet, Who seemed a bit unstable, They threatened to kill them...
Contemplations PoemsPosted: 05/01/2005 @ 9:23pm
what to do...
Wow, this life sucks, I canít believe I have made it to twenty, And now it is nearly twenty-one, And ye...
Life PoemsPosted: 04/23/2005 @ 1:40pm
I don't care, I still love you
Last night was wonderful, We danced for hours, You were so beautiful, I wished to send you some flowers...
Love PoemsPosted: 12/13/2004 @ 9:35am
Little boy
Young boy, 8 years old, He prays to god, Please donít let my dad grow old, He is so mean, He makes me...
Introspection PoemsPosted: 11/20/2004 @ 1:46am
Rainy Days
I wrote this for my best friend in college for her birthday... hope yall enjoy it... I can smell it, I...
Friendship PoemsPosted: 11/16/2004 @ 2:30am
I am spinning helplessly in a depression, However badly I want it there is no recession, I wish you wer...
Depression PoemsPosted: 11/11/2004 @ 3:50pm
You were always there for me, You held me when I was weak, You were my pony, You would kiss me on the c...
Death PoemsPosted: 11/09/2004 @ 11:12am
lost again
If i wasn't here I would be there, And I would be happy, But by no means does happiness want to find me ...
Depression PoemsPosted: 11/07/2004 @ 8:45am
Losing myself
I am at a loss, I cannot explain what is going on in this head of mine, I am sick and tired of my Boss, ...
Depression PoemsPosted: 11/07/2004 @ 8:45am
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