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Black Box
I can't stop My gaze cannot be taken off Of this box So intricately designed By some one I know n...
Contemplations PoemsPosted: 03/28/2004 @ 1:46pm
Dance Of The Devil
Many hands moving In wave like patterns Left slowly Right suddenly Legs kicking madly Flailing around...
Contemplations PoemsPosted: 03/28/2004 @ 1:17pm
The Great Storm And The Troubled Mind
Tormented by the torrent of wind I stand out in the pouring rain The pouring rain on my soul And the b...
Nature PoemsPosted: 03/24/2004 @ 7:07pm
A Block In The Road
I think we have all met with it We who tend to use our pens Rather than our speech And actions In the ...
Other PoemsPosted: 03/24/2004 @ 2:00pm
Every day I die a little more More than the day before and the day before that I can feel my muscles wea...
Death PoemsPosted: 03/19/2004 @ 7:29pm
The Chair
Placing the key inside the door I hear the click and push it open Over in the corner Of a room in my ho...
Contemplations PoemsPosted: 03/18/2004 @ 6:35pm
One Tear For Two Hands
Two hands pressed against my chest Made for me for they are my own With five fingers on each hand Trace...
Other PoemsPosted: 03/15/2004 @ 6:05pm
Between two oaks Oaks of strength and beauty Tall and proud Taller than even myself At my most proud s...
Nature PoemsPosted: 03/08/2004 @ 2:40pm
We Settled For A Bush
What we need Is what we did not choose We needed a leader A man strong enough to say no A man who'...
Political PoemsPosted: 03/08/2004 @ 2:39pm
But At What Price?
Alone warrior You stand lonesome on your field of battle Your war is over Your battle won What do you ...
War PoemsPosted: 03/04/2004 @ 2:22am
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