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Laid Off
They said they were “Right Sizing” Not realizing, they were compromising The lives of my wife, my kids, ...
by: chiphindPosted: 04/30/2005 @ 12:13am
office poetry
serrated paperclips mark my memos with a skid of gray, jiggling keys sound and ping as I tap aw...
by: dhoPosted: 01/06/2005 @ 5:11pm
The smell of hundreds of funky people The feeling of sweat running down my back in 90 degree weather The...
by: djkidPosted: 12/23/2004 @ 2:26am
Cinders Ella
I did the dishes the floor is swept I made the beds the rooms are kept the halls are vacuumed the rug...
by: liz0789Posted: 12/19/2004 @ 8:55pm
doing your time for the crime
working is doing your time for the crime of being alive even if i didn't ask to be born, it's so...
by: dilapoidPosted: 10/27/2004 @ 9:27pm
For The ROTC
Hurry up, time for inspection Move quickly, get into formation Bring your brains, youll need the educati...
by: hawaiibaby89Posted: 08/18/2004 @ 2:24am
My hands ache from all the tension. People showing the worst of one another with free expression. Call ...
by: fifoPosted: 08/05/2004 @ 9:50am
Stupid Kid (Revised)
random rhymes Contemplating This silence is haunting My own reflections Tainted and taunting thousa...
by: last2rightPosted: 08/03/2004 @ 5:30pm
Idiot. Free World
if idiots never existed; the crime rate, would, decline. there would be, no lines, at the bank...
by: im1unvPosted: 07/21/2004 @ 11:22am
Life Cycle
Sleep. beep-beep-beep; Snooze, BEEP-BEEP-BEEP; Wake; Running Late--RUSH; Leave, Traffic Jam--STUCK. A...
by: im1unvPosted: 07/21/2004 @ 11:22am
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