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Wild Horses
Black ,white ,chestnut and grey, Sifting the frozen air a colorful array, Hearts as wild as the eagle in...
by: dramerponyPosted: 05/05/2007 @ 9:41pm
Avenged Birdie
I saw a bird get hit by a car So I threw a rock from afar It crashed threw the windshield broke the driv...
by: fuzzy_loverPosted: 05/05/2007 @ 9:40pm
Tiger Flame
A flickering light A shadow so bright A swish of a flame No gilt no blame In the shade of tree Blind ...
by: tigeressPosted: 04/29/2007 @ 11:26am
this death hidden in me deep with in my body causes my sides to split i keep my eyes dry without tears ...
by: wulffeaPosted: 03/19/2007 @ 6:10pm
I saw you standing there Upon your pedestal mountain top You let your fearful cry Then all your kind ...
by: shadowedwolfPosted: 02/04/2007 @ 2:57pm
Running through the night not man or wolf a mixture of both are you In the sky, lay your fear a moon...
by: shadowedwolfPosted: 02/03/2007 @ 2:00pm
Wild Horses
My thoughts and feelings were like a group of wild horses, rushing from one territory to another. They...
by: br0kenxxpr0misesPosted: 12/14/2005 @ 1:37pm
Color of Dreams
Flowing mane rides the air, Shifting the energy there. Rhythm of hoofs to heart, Singing out life'...
by: br0kenxxpr0misesPosted: 12/13/2005 @ 8:39pm
Fate gave me six days warning Mom had thought you lost already But of course you weren’t Such sickly ir...
by: partisan_ograePosted: 12/11/2005 @ 3:13am
Shadow Wolf
Its shining eyes like crystal light shinning onward through the night Paws of steel leave footprin...
by: moonwindinPosted: 07/10/2005 @ 7:27am
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