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what can you see? through vision-less eyes surrounding your life was all their lies you hear no mor...
Death PoemsPosted: 10/05/2005 @ 4:22pm
A dream?
Its darkness crept upon me I swear my heart stopped cold I knew that it could not be But here’s my stor...
Dreams PoemsPosted: 09/17/2005 @ 1:19am
Life Is the Beginning
if life is the beginning where does our whole journey end if heaven is where souls collect I have one ...
Death PoemsPosted: 07/23/2005 @ 10:19am
Darkness Is Waiting
She will always be unseen Where she sits alone and scarred No one will notice her empty face To her t...
Death PoemsPosted: 07/23/2005 @ 10:19am
A Friend?
Inside you feel so different like you've never felt before inside of you lies a heart kindness bur...
Friendship PoemsPosted: 07/12/2005 @ 3:27am
Silence Beckons
Steady your hand don't let them in knocking, seeking they will win Stay your arm their almost gone fe...
Fear PoemsPosted: 07/10/2005 @ 1:48pm
Shadow Wolf
Its shining eyes like crystal light shinning onward through the night Paws of steel leave footprin...
Animals PoemsPosted: 07/10/2005 @ 7:27am
Right Road
Something’s can be there if you close your eyes Take a breath and try to show surprise And wouldn’t it...
Life PoemsPosted: 04/19/2005 @ 9:07pm
Dragon Skys
The light threw a shadow upon the marble wall I sat and watched the candle dance The flaming crystal ba...
Animals PoemsPosted: 04/17/2005 @ 5:42pm
My Freind
Alone I sit awating dreams I hope that all is not as seems A dark cell No friendly light I feel s...
Dreams PoemsPosted: 04/05/2005 @ 1:42pm
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