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The Setting Sun
A crimson sunset, so timeless in its way. The beginning of a morrow, or the end of a day? From gaze ...
by: globalmanjohnPosted: 05/16/2007 @ 5:59pm
The sonnet of Anticipation
You feel it Like the raindrops tap-dancing on your skin Giggling like school girls with a crush On the ...
by: chazminxPosted: 03/31/2007 @ 4:45pm
Still Everything isÖstillÖ It would seem as if time has decided to take a break for a while. After all,...
by: restlessimpactPosted: 03/25/2007 @ 2:03am
The Lesson
A thousand souls sleep Waiting for their keep Take a lesson from the dead Time is not meant to be waste...
by: shy808poetPosted: 03/12/2007 @ 7:27am
Changing Times
Candle light on, Calm music playing, Thoughts running through me and I can't help to ask why?? Th...
by: sleepingchildPosted: 03/04/2007 @ 10:34pm
Another Day
I drank half the bottle of Hennessey but Iím still not blind Why canít the next day come so I can feel a...
by: leodalionPosted: 02/05/2007 @ 1:21am
Memories fade, they blister and tear until they're just tiny fragments and you can barely remember the imp...
by: patient_sensesPosted: 12/30/2006 @ 2:06am
Wake Up before it's too late
Theme: The poem to be recited is an elaboration of a Manís State of Mind who has been dejected with the...
by: dhayfulePosted: 11/20/2006 @ 10:35am
The Time You die
The time you die. Will be your last. The hope is gone. And so the past. The day so near. I want to ...
by: nasha24Posted: 08/22/2006 @ 4:16pm
Distorted Times
Controlling environment Could we break through Clouds of music Surrounding our perceptionís green Co...
by: dakavePosted: 06/12/2006 @ 10:02pm
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