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Twice is my limit
Twice is my limit Within this world so called limitless Can you see my potential? A laugh cackles, can...
by: ghost_kittenPosted: 10/18/2009 @ 7:04pm
Rivers split at the ring Riding further apart The more we are freed We learn that gods and leaders neve...
by: jfunk112291Posted: 10/05/2009 @ 11:45pm
Disposable Truth
Disposing of the truth, misleading a nation, Using a political oration. Blatantly lying,without hesitati...
by: sirbootnockaPosted: 06/03/2009 @ 9:28pm
Third World Regime
We're losing quick to this economic crisis, Home appliances no longer functioning, Tired of endless labo...
by: moonlightdemon53Posted: 05/07/2009 @ 12:33am
Love And Consequence
I don't prefer kisses And I sure as hell don't prefer you Because to you I am nothing but what you want ...
by: cryss2jinxPosted: 12/03/2008 @ 9:03pm
Political Homicide
Politics an insane vision of lies the ever so lashing forked tongue licking at the wounds of America on...
by: luftwafferaidPosted: 12/19/2007 @ 5:06pm
Eyes Wide Shut
Looking out into the political scheme of corporate America As Obama and Clinton continue the legacy of ...
by: conocimentoPosted: 12/17/2007 @ 2:45am
My England of old
England the grand land that was once vowed to be proud. They proudly loudly sung with heart and soul 'God...
by: willwinukPosted: 12/06/2007 @ 11:31am
I voted against Phil Bredesen
Many people voted for Phil Bredesen but I didn't agree with their selection. I voted against him in last ...
by: randyjohnsonPosted: 10/20/2007 @ 8:30pm
hearse-tory, not her-story
if the train doesn’t pull out in time, this is rape. and there’s a bandwagon you’re all jumping on that...
by: framecodePosted: 08/12/2007 @ 3:50am
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