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I am so lonely I could cry, I am so tired I could die, I am tired of this life, I am tired of this figh...
by: sfa19guy512936Posted: 10/01/2012 @ 7:45pm
Wipe Out
Praise your soul for guilt With this anger you've built Standing, sickened with horror Embracing the fe...
by: seekdestroy16Posted: 04/10/2012 @ 5:19am
A Lonely Man
A lonely man was stopped today, While passing through a field. Twas the Dark of Night, That caused the...
by: soonerprice10Posted: 01/08/2012 @ 12:03pm
sang int that bottle
Iíll give you a kiss, maybe lend you an ear Then we can ask ourselves what weíre really doing here Becau...
by: ghost_kittenPosted: 01/16/2011 @ 9:57am
My Sweet Precious Baby
my sweet and precious baby No breath for you to take No laughter for me to hear my life will never be t...
by: livin4itallPosted: 01/11/2011 @ 12:11pm
The taste of the air dry on my tongue The sounds of nothing of songs unsung the feeling of ghost bump...
by: demon_childPosted: 01/08/2011 @ 1:59pm
The time for death and carnage is fast approaching there is no way to escape the darkness engulfing ...
by: wesser1Posted: 12/12/2010 @ 1:22pm
The Heartbeat of a Broken One
The broken mind Does not think. Itís hidden in the shadows Seeping into the cold dark waters. The hear...
by: zolcia_poetryPosted: 12/12/2010 @ 1:20pm
A husbands wife says I want a divorce He's torn by those words Later he waits in the kitchen waitin...
by: badboy8908Posted: 12/12/2010 @ 1:15pm
I Wasn't that Important
I speak and you don't hear. All I said went right through your ears. I cry and you don't see. a r...
by: sharleeaPosted: 12/12/2010 @ 1:13pm
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