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On Writing
You know, I used to do this very well- I could make you feel the bark of the tree, Or make you hear the...
by: theforgottenonePosted: 02/04/2010 @ 9:49pm
Mr. Pencil
"How you doing Mr. Pencil" do you have a little time, I know you in a rush but can you help release my mi...
by: metaphorPosted: 09/11/2009 @ 12:59pm
I feel awkward sitting here dressed for shop And no one else is I feel so different in here Black and ...
by: tairaseka1990Posted: 06/04/2007 @ 9:00pm
The Wars of Kenny Marchant and George W. Bush
Hiding during the Vietnam War! You are now both supporters of Iraq gore! Perfectly content, Others' liv...
by: markhPosted: 05/05/2007 @ 11:02pm
Not Quitting
When you know that, Despite your hardest tries Your best is not good enough Where failure is the only o...
by: sassy_smirkPosted: 02/03/2006 @ 10:38am
"Paxon School for Advanced Studies"
Study your brains out, Worry about the stress Get a bad grade and shout You wanna leave this mess! C...
by: poetactor4teenPosted: 12/04/2005 @ 11:40am
Musically Inventive Concealing Knight
Music with such swagger! Piercing like a dagger! But just what does he conceal? Why so surreal? What g...
by: markhPosted: 08/24/2005 @ 8:22pm
How I Was Fired
I went to college Highschool and more And when I came knocking Opportunity opened the door So I was ...
by: sassy_smirkPosted: 07/23/2005 @ 10:21am
Mister Boss calls me into his office. I try to remember all the things I could have done wrong that wou...
by: misstress_elfPosted: 07/16/2005 @ 3:09am
As I Lie Awake
I lie awake at night time, Wondering what I've done, I had a day dream vision mime, UnTil somethin...
by: lostsoulofkryingPosted: 06/23/2005 @ 9:51pm
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