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There's no greater lite, Then the one that I can see, I shall follow in footstep, Just You my Love and ...
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Started off as a simple egg Protected by a shell and my mothers feathers But nonetheless, soon to hatch ...
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It's not enough to say I miss you, because I don't. When memories aren't enough, I just need to know y...
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I walked beyond the shadows cast; The pier was wet with snow, Whose whiteness hid the irony Of those bu...
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survival you call it? i call it denial bright as a brick, innocent like pedafiles the style of sta...
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Living in shadows of years gone by, Entranced in naught but a memory’s dream, In a little girls’ dream w...
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My life, An endless meaning. You are constantly thinking, You have power over me. But I am free, I am...
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The silent wind against my hands Rolling along the passion cove Sliding amongst the scenic mountain alps...
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To the families we called our own, and the city that sheltered our dreams, we who are but observers in ...
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My fist are clenching tighter You don't losen your grip My air way has a blockage With your hands aroun...
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