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A new season come upon us. The belts a little tighter than we might like. For good old uncle sam has bee...
by: donnasmithPosted: 02/04/2010 @ 9:50pm
Dead Man's Hand
I just saw Buddha in the Christmas tree Staring at where my dignity used to be I’ve got a dead man’s han...
by: ghost_kittenPosted: 10/05/2009 @ 8:56pm
Season wishes
Best wishes goes out to you and yours this holiday season. My family embraces you to their hearts and f...
by: donnasmithPosted: 04/21/2009 @ 10:41pm
Halloween Halloween is coming... My heartbeat is drumming... Ghouls screaming... The dead scheming....
by: tazshedevil38Posted: 08/21/2007 @ 12:16am
I'll be Cloned for Christmas - and Then Sum
Ill be cloned for Christmas - You can count the many me's! Please have plenty of food for my multiple br...
by: markhPosted: 05/17/2007 @ 5:38pm
A Day
Today is Mother’s day, A day where you’re with your creator, The one that held you closer than anyone ev...
by: restlessimpactPosted: 05/14/2007 @ 8:43pm
Christmas Day Delight
In the distance bells are ringing Children playing as there singing Joyous songs of Christmas cheer Sin...
by: xofaygobabyoxPosted: 03/06/2007 @ 3:06pm
There was a house in Alabama it was home to mous and his mama there was a sound ver odd and loud a...
by: angerfistPosted: 02/17/2007 @ 8:10am
Eén dag Mary Nickelson
Ze mocht één dag in onze klas, Mary Nickelson uit Canada, glanzend lichtblond haar, lippen als het av...
by: angerfistPosted: 12/30/2006 @ 5:59am
Cupid Spare Me
Pink and red atmosphere Smiling faces, hug me, kiss me Boys push away their fear To write poems, mushy,...
by: sassy_smirkPosted: 07/15/2006 @ 1:19am
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