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Another scream leaps from my throat no one can hear, for no one knows guided by fear and the angel of de...
by: salyer102Posted: 06/07/2011 @ 12:06am
The end
This is our relationship that's decaying. Don't know what to think.                       Maybe your lying...
by: scottsragePosted: 11/25/2010 @ 5:28pm
The end
This is our relationship that's decaying. ...
by: scottsragePosted: 11/25/2010 @ 2:29pm
I can't take anymore
Before I left I meant to say That there is no fucking way That I could listen to this witless banter I ...
by: ghost_kittenPosted: 10/18/2009 @ 7:06pm
devils reject
Goddamn your righteousness I personally don't give a shit Screw your plastic sympathy Its just a gam...
by: spassmonkeyPosted: 07/18/2009 @ 11:36am
Im Done
I give up on trying to be nice I'm just the one looking for friends Looking for the ones that wont be as...
by: devilangel217Posted: 05/11/2009 @ 11:00pm
The Glimmer of Pain
Insecurity rules Doubt takes over, Emerging from the dawn, Breaking in with the sunlight. Words fly an...
by: laurenp0820Posted: 03/04/2009 @ 11:45pm
Darkness 2
Diabolical demons Avenge their master Resting not until the sun comes forth Killing them off one by one...
by: salyer102Posted: 01/22/2009 @ 1:59pm
Dad You Killed Us
How could you do to anyone, What you did to your own child? To take away her innocence, Did that make y...
by: ace21Posted: 01/18/2009 @ 4:42am
You violate contaminate contravene and disobey disregard anything No matter who you hurt or how prof...
by: jch1622Posted: 01/07/2009 @ 12:33am
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