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Silly Fun!
I'm Silly Fun101, I come from Planet none. I like to Check the...
by: sillyfun101Posted: 07/15/2011 @ 2:49pm
U my friend might be ghetto
If you move your cars and find a lawn You might be ghetto If you think noddles are good enough to fill y...
by: badboy8908Posted: 04/09/2010 @ 5:42pm
Kindergarten Catastrophe
Kindergarten talent contest - Always difficult to choose the best. Nervous were all the contestants, par...
by: markhPosted: 10/22/2009 @ 1:44pm
Best Buds... :)
He said to take it day by day Lets go slow, so it won't fade away. He promised to be honest... Ha!...
by: starskeez89Posted: 04/09/2009 @ 7:46am
My Granny
My grandma is..different if I might say, She tells jokes more than half of the day. Once she was at a me...
by: latisha457Posted: 02/08/2009 @ 1:21pm
The Truth About Santa
Santa Clause is a man of great fame, He is the one millions know by name. All over the world his name i...
by: latisha457Posted: 01/03/2009 @ 2:54am
Them is fighting words
Look this isn't like anything you've seen before. Before you go hatin check it out. Its nothin...
by: badgirl2006Posted: 12/19/2007 @ 5:08pm
Ghost in the House
One day I thought I saw a ghost It said to me "would you like some toast?" I said "I don't like toast it...
by: randomiotyPosted: 11/18/2007 @ 2:59pm
You weren't delivered by a stork!
When you told that story at the age of five, it was cute. But telling it at twenty-four isn't astute. St...
by: randyjohnsonPosted: 11/05/2007 @ 7:06pm
Last year there was a kid who was really mean. He vandalized my house on Halloween. He used toilet paper...
by: randyjohnsonPosted: 11/02/2007 @ 11:39am
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