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03/08/2010 @ 5:34pm


That halo seems to be choking you,
it finally discovered you out.
You look to me to step in
but I wonít.
I guess Iím the villain after all.
You got really good at
b r e a k ing
and taking the shrapnel
from your own misfortune
to cut me down.
Like a nurse,
Skilled in finding veins
of vulnerability,
carving late night reminders
of me weakened
by my vulgar honesty
and you sitting atop
unblemished sovereignty.
Your eyes pulsate with anxiety
As the silver sheath you wore
To displace, to reflect, to distract,
wears away.
You never were that strong,
I coddled your self esteem,
nestled it like a newborn
who didnít know right from wrong.
That halo seems to be suffocating you,
you look at me to be a savior
but I finally discovered you.

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