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just full of shit.
11/12/2012 @ 11:53pm

sick of the loss and hope
gonna crush it with every will I have left.
I speak no lies when it comes to love
staying away from the forbidden fruit
arms length , steady
I'm just going to stick it through
Laying the roses to rest
rust anchoring my heart
forgottens blind enemey
forever in the dreams of every young
pity for the cross and tears for the loss
it's a sad and lonley road
twisting a knot like a nuess.
cutting you off leaving you numb
from the infatuation down.
never forget this sad story
and live to learn
from the mistakes of this twisted tale.
moments from happiness gone
lost in the damp emptiness
dancing in the fog, arms stretched praying
for anything and everything
idly watching the trees so bare
linger a while longer so that the
scars will evaporate like the love I had for you.
the weight of this is sure to crush
everything that i've worked against
moss rests ontop my grave with a crooked stone
'forever lies the broken always waiting'
to get a pull back up
fingers through the dirt
withered and gnarly
the only thing touching
the insects crawling in and out
a monument of something so pure
tarnished with hate and pain.
Sure you'll run not wanting this
burning your eyes you run straight
into the hell of what you've witnessed.
knowing the truth of it all
you'll know,
the dirt on your own hands
and the last look before you ran
of the shovel you used to bury me with.

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