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The lights are on and nobodys home
11/12/2012 @ 11:54pm

turning churning
in my stomach floating
vicodin and acid
splish splashing
damaging the goods.
in the deepest pit
of my dirt embedded soul
reaching its way to top of my throat
gagging on everything that's been buried
keeping it down
trying to keep the hope afloat
drifting on dirty debris
aimlessly lost in trenches of weeds.
my toes are scraping up the mold
leaving small traces
leading you to find me.
keep looking and you'll see
the forensic files scattered.
bits and pieces
itty bitty among the bile.
covered in your hazmat suit
wadding, searching
stepping on the evidence
so unconsciously unaware.
you'll search till the lights burn out
whispering soft prayers only I may hear
under your feet
keep looking because i'll be gone awhile.

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