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11/12/2012 @ 11:59pm

2 best friends go through life joyfully
They spent their days playfully
Until one day one of them moves away
Ever since the other hasn't been the same
He misses her

A teacher talks a special kid under his wing
All the other kids were mean
He always told the kid that one day he will be king
The kid graduates with those words
The kid missed his teacher

A man has a strong bond with his new girlfriend
They have good times rolling through the city
They will do anything for each other willingly
Until one day she tells him she's leaving the city to follow her
But he will always be apart of her heart
She misses him

A man is introduced to his father
They waste no time getting to know one another
A man and his fathers bond was just starting to get bigger
Until one day his father passes due to cancer
Funny how love dies when they just begun
Father i miss you
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