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The foggy mirror
11/13/2012 @ 12:05am

I made this poem awhile back. I'm not really even sure if it makes sense,
but i thought it was pretty cool! tell me what you think honest opinions

I gaze in the thick haze
Into the foggy mirror
Trying to contemplate
What is there behind the fog
Unable to perceive what I cannot see
With no purpose in my gaze
I give up, no longer persist
To stare
Feeling no point in all i do
I spend my time on all a waste
One day i look back
remembering the mirror
checking it one last time
i see the fog
fading away
Only to see the penetrating gaze
Discovering fear was venom in my veins
blinding me of what was truly there
As i gaze in those penetrating eyes
only to find the mirror was cracked
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