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11/13/2012 @ 12:05am

Don't! Don't do it, Don't look at her
Don't pay her no mind because she will fool you every-tI'me
But she Don't mean it, honestly shes looking for love, but you see her
heart..its already chosen, its chosen an I'mpossible heart to capture
She likes you, but she holds back, not intentional but her mind is set and
she cant change it no matter what she tries.. she wants you to stay
help her out of her jail mindset, her hearts wants to be released, take
those handcuffs off i cant breath
PLEASE ! The sad thing is when shes falling for you, he returns back, back
into her dreams.. she feels hI'm and then she looses all the feelings she
had for you, and just like that your chance is through...never to capture
what everyone has tried so hard to do..

I'm so Sorry, I never meant to hurt you..
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