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Then and Now
05/26/2010 @ 10:15pm

Before I might have knew you or at least I thought I did
But you turned out to be the enemy not my friend
I don't understand
What do they offer you down there that you can't find here
Oh that's right a raging party with lots of beer
I'm glad you went out to her birthday but you can't even call the girl you
called you true best friend
I don't know if she will be there for you in the end
You won't even admit you're wrong
Keeping the truth away is a lie and that's the coward's way out
But I'm starting to see that this has always been what your about
It's you, you, you and no us, us, us
I'm glad you have other friends because you lost our trust
The way they called you names and talked about your mom
Forgiving them is crazy, were you down there smoking their bong
Yeah we had some good times with them but they brought all the bad into our
Your absence feels as if you have died
You seem shady as hell now or maybe you always were
Just keep being selfish one day you will get what you deserve
Karma's coming it might not be here yet
But it's rolling in and soon everything is going to erupt
She did everything for you but again that's what you do
You like to use people for what they can do for you
I hope your boyfriend and you are happy
I truly truly do
Have fun living in your new apartment
Hopefully you can make due
But for some reason I see you failing but maybe you'll prove me wrong
But I thought you would be the one to cave in and it didn't take long
So I guess I was right
I usually always am
And we're not going to wait around for you to come crawling back to us
We're going to have fun without you now
I had a lot of fun last weekend
And I didn't think of you somehow
Maybe your burning out like you left us out to dry
This all could have been prevented if you didn't hold in your lies
I would say you would always be my friend but a friend doesn't do the things
you do
I want a true friend
Someone who isn't you

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