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A Girls Best Friend!
08/08/2011 @ 8:04pm

They say diamonds are a girl痴 best friend, well I would beg to differ.
I would take the diamonds from a girl痴 eyes if I was to kisser.
She壇 be the frame I知 the picture, in overtime I知 her kicker, I知 more
than that nigga because I知 a girls best friend.

Down and out wit no luck, I知 her favorite song.
In a folder full of memories I wrote her favorite poem.
Promises of being together, like diamonds we池e forever, every rhyme was so
clever saying I was a girl痴 best friend.

I spoke with Victoria and she told me her secretes.
I journeyed to Aphrodite and sworn my allegiance.
I share with her she痴 not needy, she share wit me I知 not greedy, I知 her
early morning wheaties, I知 a girls best friend.

You see her boyfriend is the one she calls sweetie.
I知 her childhood friend like pooh bear and tweety.
From Cinderella and her carriage, to sleeping beauty and her marriage, like
true love in Paris I知 a girl痴 best friend.

I知 more than her diary I知 her every page. I知 her
favorite entertainer to ever step up on a stage.
She痴 the number one of all my fans, I知 the number one of her all mans, the
missing piece to complete her plans, I知 a girls best friend.

It痴 like I知 Charlie with only one angel.
I have many views but she痴 my only angle.
Close like twins when we met, close like blood but not the set, more than a
team we a duet, because I知 a girls best friend.

More than a name I知 like her childhood doll.
Anything go wrong I知 the one she will call.
I値l always catch her if she falls, she feeling small I値l make her tall,
I知 more important than you all, because I知 a girls best friend!

The EZD!

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